Ultimate Retro Box
59.99 inc. 20% VAT Ref: L5001

Ultimate Retro Box "VIVA LA RETRO", baby!... Relive the retro in your life!

For those old enough to remember, and still young enough to enjoy them this second time round.... the Ultimate Retro Gift Hamper is packed with goodies from the past!..

Consisting of that oldie but goody space hopper to help bounce away the brain cobwebs... stress buster Pacman to munch away those irritants... a rainbow coloured slinky spring to brighten up your day.. and 2 metal spud guns to relive more blasts from the past - literally!!..

Regrettably, we could not include a Noel Edmonds multi-coloured swap shop in your hamper, but there's a jar full of retro candies to chew on instead.!!!...

The ultimate hamper for the person who has everything... but who is happy reliving the past!!..

Hamper Contents:
  • Space Hopper
  • 2 Spud Guns
  • Pacman Stress Ball
  • Rainbow Coloured Slinky
  • Glass Jar (May be different from one in picture)
  • Retro Sweets

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